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A lot of those I speak with are first-timers who are truly curious on how this all works. This section is dedicated to those who have little to no experience with platonic cuddling. You might be suspicious or nervous. Or totally ready to dive in. I’m going to walk you through what you need to understand about the sessions, as well as what you can do to best prepare yourself!

When we touch or cuddle someone, a lot more information is being exchanged than just what our bodies can feel. It’s important that we acknowledge what’s running through our minds and spirits, as well. This makes cuddling the ultimate autonomic experience – your reaction to it is individual based on your experiences, your memories, your health, your wants and needs. Let’s talk a bit about that below.

If you need reassurance or have questions, please feel free to check the FAQ page, or contact me using any method listed on the site.


During a cuddle session, we will:

  • Communicate our boundaries openly, honestly, and safely
  • Give and receive consent to platonic touch
  • Be allowed to say yes or no
  • Embrace, hold, caress, and connect with each other in a purely platonic manner in order to experience trust
  • Foster the physical bond similar to what we experienced (or had a right to experience) in childhood with a primary caregiver
  • Practice mindfulness and be aware of our bodies and minds at the conscious level
  • Experience a somatic calmness, releasing stress and anxiety from the body

The goals of a session can be many, however here are a few:

  • To relax and release unwanted energies or emotions
  • To explore boundaries and safety during close physical contact
  • To learn what healthy physical contact can look like
  • To reintegrate one’s understanding of cuddling, and that it does not need to lead to consummation between two people
  • To educate on consent culture
  • To help heal depression, loneliness, and past trauma in an unimpaired way
  • To break the habit of saying “yes” when we actually would like to say “no”
  • To discover how to better navigate our choices in relationships
  • To set ourselves up for healthy physical contact before we get into a relationship
  • To enjoy the company of a fellow human being and connect in an authentic way without expectations of leading further!

Cuddle sessions with a professional cuddler are meant and expected to be entirely platonic.


Everybody needs and wants meaningful touch and connection in their lives, and the reasons are many. Some just like the feeling, others are just curious, and even in some circumstances, they may want to be in the arms of someone and simultaneously experience emotions, or let go of those that plague their mind. Even still, there are some people who would consider themselves not too adept at getting close – maybe they are socially awkward, or perhaps they have experienced physical trauma that has affected their perception of close physical contact and they are working to remedy that.

There is no formulaic or “right” reason for needing a cuddle session. We all have our own story. There’s no need to steer your session towards any particular destination, but what you will be expected to do is respect boundaries. There is no client archetype; all are welcome. Just lay down, let it flow through you, and enjoy – or cry, laugh…whatever your spirit wants you to do.

Let’s talk about where you’re at in life and in your relationships with yourself and others so we can see if this is a good fit for your self-care routine.

A session with me may be a good fit if…

  • You feel that there are negative energies present in your body which are hindering your quality of life
  • You have experienced a situation in which your boundaries were not respected and would like to learn how to better enforce them
  • You are touch-starved and have not had a good, long hug in a while
  • You have an elderly relative whom you don’t get to see often and you feel they would benefit from having a companion
  • You were a victim of child sexual abuse or adult grooming and you would like to reintegrate yourself into being physically close with others
  • You would like to learn how you can better protect yourself in an era where much of our intent towards physical contact is misunderstood
  • You’d like to experience a quiet, calm place to reset your overwhelming emotions after a busy day
  • You have recently gone through loss of a loved one
  • You are touch-starved or lonely but would not like to seek a relationship to rectify it
  • You would like to learn different ways to cuddle your spouse, child, or loved one in a safe and secure learning environment

A cuddle session can either be planned along entirely down to what position and when, or you can treat this as improv at its finest and go with the flow, all while respecting your limits! What do you want your cuddle session to look like?


Part of the success in cuddling comes from good communication of what we are and aren’t OK with. I will talk with you at first to determine where your mindset is at and when the feeling is right, I will open my arms and offer you a lengthy embrace. This is the perfect catalyst to getting close, and it can happen quickly or gradually – it all comes down to individualism and how you’re doing.

The words “yes” and “no” are allowed and very encouraged. A lot of the time, we may know in our minds where we stand and what feels alright. Other times, we don’t know a boundary exists until it has been crossed. Let’s make a commitment to communicate honestly during our session, so we can make sure the ship is sailing smoothly.

Everyone’s boundaries are different for many reasons. I intend on respecting them no matter what they are, such as not talking about a certain subject or modifying the way I interact with you so you are more comfortable.


Make sure you have read my terms and conditions before booking your cuddle session. Ask yourself if a cuddle session is genuinely what you’re seeking, and if you are ready for this kind of experience. Know what is expected, and what is or isn’t allowed and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure. I will remind you throughout our session if needed, however there is a zero-tolerance policy for repeated and deliberate rule-breaking.

Once you have submitted the form to have a session, I will arrange either a Skype or phone consultation with you to go over your application. 10 minutes prior to your session, you will be required to sign an agreement stating that you understand the expected conduct.

Be freshly showered at least an hour or two before your session, and with your teeth brushed. Colognes, perfumes, and other body scents are allowed, however please make sure this is only used lightly.

If you are anxious about meeting for a cuddle right away, I suggest we meet for tea or coffee just before to get an idea of the chemistry. If you’re new, you might want to do some reading online from real cuddlers who have had good (and bad) experiences to gauge what this will be like. I recommend signing up to Cuddle Comfort and checking out their forums. They are littered with great advice and the right mindset you need to be successful, plus the folks there will be happy to help support and educate you on everything cuddle-related. You too can help us build a wonderful global community of cuddles!

Exploring platonic touch opens up many possibilities, none of which are sexual.

You can talk with me. You can watch your favourite film or listen to your favourite music with me. We can read out loud. You can zone out completely to my touch. You can ask for what you want. What do you want? Whether you want to try a new cuddle position, have your childhood lullaby sung to you, or for your hand to simply be held during a difficult time, I’m here for that and I’m here for you.

This is an opportunity to free and open yourself, and ultimately to let unconditional love in: to yourself, and to the person you are with.


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