Please read this page entirely before booking with me. If you have a question, check out the F. A. Q. page to see if it’s been answered, or ask it on this page and I’ll be happy to help you out.

Please note that some situations described below are extreme cases of rule-breaking. I am in no way implying that my client wishes any ill harm. Try not to be too intimidated reading the following terms.


Our session does not begin until payment for the time booked has been given. This happens when I arrive in your home or to the location where we will cuddle if paying in cash. If paying electronically, it is done prior to the session start time.

If paying in cash: Please have the full amount ready to be paid so your session can begin.

If paying electronically: Electronic payments are made the day of the session at least an hour in advance. E-transfer is now available and an email address for the transfer will be given at the time of payment.

CuddleComfort.com Users: You must book your session via the Cuddle Comfort website using the booking panel in your chat with me. If you cancel with less than 12 hours notice, you are subject to cancelation fees which must be paid if you would like to rebook. Failure to adhere to this may result in suspension of your account.


1. If the session is canceled when I am on the way to the location, I require an $80 deposit in order to rebook (first hour + transportation cover).

2. In all other cases where you cancel with less than 12 hours notice, the policy is the same as CuddleComfort.com: please pay 50% of the session cost if you would like to rebook. If you evade this cost, you will be blacklisted from booking until you wish to rectify it.


We will be comfortably clothed in pajamas or loungewear. If the weather is hot and both parties are comfortable, we have a choice to wear midthigh shorts and sleeveless shirts.

Changing of clothes (if needed) will take place in separate rooms. Removal of clothes or cuddling in undergarments or swimsuits is not permitted and suggestions to do so will result in termination of the session and blacklisting.


I will be freshly showered, wearing deodorant, and with my teeth brushed. The same is expected of my client. Please also ensure the environment we are to cuddle in is both reasonably clean and safe.

You may be asked to shower if hygiene standards have not been met.


Clients must be sober the entire time during a session and be able to consent to platonic touch. If the client arrives under the influence of any substance (including but not limited to opioids, psychedelics, psychotropics, marijuana and alcohol), the session will be cancelled and the client blacklisted. Invitations to drink or partake in legal or illegal substances are not allowed.

Alcoholic beverages as gifts will not be accepted. 


New clients: You MUST use the form on my site to book your first session. It usually takes about 1-2 days for your application to be reviewed, after which you will be expected to choose either a phone or Skype consultation to set up your session.

Regular clients: You can book same-day if you have had at least 1 appointment, but availability cannot be guaranteed.

CuddleComfort.com Users: If you plan to book by messaging me on Cuddle Comfort or you discovered my service via my profile there, you must keep communication on that site as per their policy.

Confirmation: For new clients, your appointment is confirmed in advance with a phone or Skype call, and I must receive your address and a current photo at least the night before your session.


At this time, the professional cuddler cannot host. I can accommodate sessions booked in Calgary, Strathmore, Brooks, Medicine Hat and surrounding communities. If you are located outside Calgary, you will be subject to a travel fee based on distance driven. There is an exception to this if I will be in your area at the time of the booking.

I do not conduct sessions in cars for safety reasons.


In order for a new client to book a session with me, I require a photo be sent to me and an address for confirmation at least the night before. This information is purely for safety, and is destroyed subsequently after the first session once trust is established. You may also be required to show me valid ID to confirm your identity if I feel it appropriate.

Any personal information disclosed to me within a session will NOT be released outside of it unless it endangers the professional cuddler, the client, or others around them, and only to the appropriate authorities.


Please do not make attempts to touch ANY area that would normally be covered by a two-piece swimsuit. If that is not clear enough, please do not touch me anywhere you would not touch a person if a child was present in the room. You will be warned once when you have crossed a boundary. The second time is intentional, therefore you will be asked to leave.

Touch is prohibited entirely in these areas of the body: Breasts, neck, thighs, inner thighs, pelvic region, buttocks

Sexual or sensual movements or suggestions are prohibited. These include removal of clothing, masturbation, rubbing of genitals, positioning of hands or body near genitals, pressing against prohibited areas, touching or rubbing prohibited areas, touching or asking to be touched above the knee or below the belt, grinding, dry humping, rocking the pelvis back and forth, sensual vocalization such as moaning, contact with the lips on any part of the skin, or asking to massage or be massaged near private areas, oral sex, and sexual intercourse. Kissing (of any type) is not allowed.

If these guidelines are not clear enough, please conduct yourself in the same manner as you would if a child was present in the room.


It is understood that at times, my client may become aroused due to close contact. However, please refrain from acting on your arousal or making sexual movements. We can switch positions, refocus ourselves, or take a break. If this is not possible, we will have to agree to end the session.

You will not be blacklisted from service unless you make coercive attempts or suggest “relief” during the session.


The blacklist is in place to protect the cuddler and to uphold a quality clientele. You will be placed on the blacklist in the following situations, with or without notice:

  • You are making sexual advances and refuse to stop when you are repeatedly asked to do so
  • You have displayed possessive traits during or outside a session, or are contacting me too frequently outside of our booked time
  • It has been discovered that you hold an active criminal record in the Vulnerable Sector
  • You are a known and current sexual hobbyist actively joining cuddling sites seeking sexual services
  • Another professional cuddler has complained about you and the offense is of a considerable severity
  • You have shortchanged or tried to get out of paying for your session one or multiple times
  • Cancelation fees were not paid
  • You have threatened to dox my personal information to the public

NOTE: Clients engaging in illegal activity after blacklisting (stalking, harassment, public defamation etc.) that may harm the cuddler will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


  • The professional cuddler makes no concrete or guaranteed claims as to the health benefits or effects of a cuddling session on the client.
  • The client is in a sound state of mind to offer and give consent, and acknowledges that the stipulations mentioned above are unchanging and not subject to interpretation.
  • Any attempt at sexual coercion or physical assault of any type will result in the client being reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • When submitting an application, the client acknowledges that they are at least 18 years old at the time of reading this page.

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