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  1. I booked on Aug 9 at 5:00 in the evening. I’ll be honest… I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was reading through all of this. She called me and gave a very crystal clear explanation about what she does and she wanted to make sure I understood everything. It ended up being great. Finally had my third session yesterday and we focused more on opening up. We talked about things that would’ve had me in tears if I had to process them alone. I feel like I can talk to Marie about anything without being judged or criticized. She’s a very caring person when you need someone to talk to and setting monthly appointments with her makes me feel like I have something and someone to look forward to.


  2. [Cuddlosophy Edit: Session took place on May 28th, 2019 at 8:00 PM]

    Professionalism (5) I can tell that Marie has my best interest in mind and she is very customer focused at the same time down to earth. A skill you don’t see these days very much

    Presentation (5) She showed up in clean soft clothes and wearing light perfume which has a nice smell to it.

    Comfort (5) Feather light hugs and touch is perfect…it’s a joy and meditation to be with her

    Overall Experience (5) Thank you for being yourself


  3. I booked a 2 hour cuddle session with you on April 9th at 4:00. You’ve got a soothing energy about you and it put some of my recent worries to rest. I really did feel free to let go and enjoy myself. This is a big deal for me because I’ve gone through a pretty rough year not including my miscarriage. I’m so grateful that you understood where I’m at right now. Thanks for bringing the popcorn and video tape/player for us to watch. It really took me down the nostalgia path… and I’d love to book again! PURE happiness 🙂


  4. A wonderful service with a wonderful woman on October 31. Immediately I felt like I can be myself with her. We tried one breathing relaxation which she lead on with a sounds of the ocean video and just her voice. I really liked it and now this will be my monthly treat with lots of selfcare. Thank you Marie!


  5. My 5 star session with Marie was on October 29. It was just what I needed. Before I booked, I was feeling a bit overworked and anxious about some things in my life, but now I’m quite refreshed. She is very open, honest and understanding. I liked that she kept me informed about what she was doing and how she was feeling through out the session.


  6. It was a pleasure to meet with Marie on October 10 at 6:30 pm. I was nervous at first, but Marie quickly put me at ease with her empathetic demeanor. I look forward to booking with her again. 5 stars across the board, I couldn’t have asked for more!


  7. I booked on July 8th. Where to begin… I have always wanted someone to help me relax and open up without jumping the gun but I avoid the therapeutic touch scene because of the high prices. One thing that attracted me is your rates are very low. However maybe you should charge more to deter problematic people. I do respect that you want to remain affordable to the majority and that’s the reason I chose you. Simply see it as a solution to provide extra safety. Thanks for what you do, it’s a saintly experience for me and opens the body and mind to each other with little effort.
    Professionalism – 5
    Presentation – 5
    Comfort – 6 (I confess I fell asleep)
    Overall – 5

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  8. My session was on 05/25/2018 @ 11:30 AM

    5 for everything. “Loved loved loved” the foot massage for my sore feet! You need to consider a career path in it for sure. Will book again.


  9. Marie is a longtime friend of mine now and really glad I met her. I started having cuddle sessions last year and have no regret. In fact I relocated to Calgary for work just so I could have bimonthly sessions without the airfare. When I hold her it’s like hugging a human cloud with all the curves. Easy to talk to or stay quiet for a nap. Nobody I did this with in Toronto compares at all.


  10. Session: May 9th, 2018.

    Marie was awesome, we set boundaries right in the beginning, ask her any questions if not sure. Very cuddly and courteous. She’s very compassionate, professional, and I’d recommend her to anyone looking to feel cared for in a stimulating cuddle session. IdI definitely reach out to her again if an opportunity arises.


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