F. A. Q.

On this page I answer all (or most) questions I’ve received in detail so you can better understand how Cuddlosophy and professional cuddling services work. If you have a question and it isn’t answered here, please contact me at cuddlosophy@post.com. All questions are listed under a category below.


What is your availability?

I can currently offer sessions anytime between the hours of 8am to 8pm, any day of the week. My days and times of availability can vary, so feel free to consult with me first before booking.

What payment methods can I use?

You can pay in cash, or you can now pay electronically with Interac E-transfer. Cash payments are made just before the start of a session in person. Interac E-transfer payments are done at least an hour before the session begins. An email address for this is given to you at that time.

Can I do same-day bookings?

I only take same-day bookings from clients I have completed at least one successful session with. Even then I cannot guarantee same-day availability, but feel free to consult with me. New clients must apply for their first session using my Session Form. The process to review your application (including a phone or Skype consultation) usually takes about 1-2 days to make sure a cuddle session is right for you.

I need to cancel my session. What now?

My policy is the same as CuddleComfort.com’s: “If you cancel within 12 hours of the appointment we ask that you pay half of the session price. This is to compensate the Pro for lost business as it’s unlikely they would be able to find another client for that scheduled period at such short notice.” Those who pay half the session cost upon cancellation will have the opportunity to rebook and will receive the remaining unpaid time FREE. So for example: if you cancel a two hour session and pay 50% of the session cost (which is one hour) you will get the remaining hour at no cost.

If you are a member of Cuddle Comfort and you evade the cancellation policy, you will be reported to the moderators and your account runs the risk of being suspended until you reconcile the owed amount.

How in advance can I book?

Feel free to book as in advance as you like. Please note that if you change plans with less than 12 hours notice, you are still subject to the cancellation policy. You may find the Cuddles In Bulk packages on this page helpful. The packages include a small discount on multiple sessions and don’t expire for 6 months.

Do you offer sessions to women, trans persons and/or members of the LGBTQ+?

I absolutely welcome women, trans persons, and those of the LGBTQ+ community to partake in cuddle sessions with me. You are loved and accepted, and you matter when you step into my cuddle space!

Why did my e-mail/text/phone call go unanswered?

The only case in which I do not correspond with an applicant at all is if that applicant has been blacklisted. If you don’t think you’ve been blacklisted, it’s possible my number or e-mail has changed since the last time we’ve spoken. Simply email me and I’ll give you up-to-date contact info.


Do you host your sessions?

At this time, I only conduct sessions in the comfort of the client’s home, or in an approved accomodation. If you cannot have a session take place in your home, feel free to consult with me about the options.

What cities and towns do you provide sessions to?

I provide in Calgary, Strathmore, Brooks, Medicine Hat and surrounding communities.

Is there a travel fee?

If you are located outside Calgary, a travel fee applies unless I happen to be in your area during the time you want to book for. The travel fee ultimately depends on the distance I need to travel to get to you. Feel free to consult with me about it before you book.

Do you travel to other countries?

At this time, my service is very based in Southern Alberta. If I will be visiting an area for an extended period of time, it will be announced either on my Cuddle Comfort profile, or here on the site. It is unlikely in the near future however that I will travel outside Alberta or Canada.


Can sex happen during the session if we both give consent?

No. Never. This would turn the service into something else entirely, and would violate boundaries of a personal and professional nature. Cuddling sessions with a professional are meant to be entirely platonic with no underlying sexual motives or intent. If this is what you are seeking, there are plenty other places to look for it.

What happens during my session?

About 10 minutes before your session start time, we will go over the terms and conditions listed here on the website. You will be required to sign a client agreement stating you have read and understand all rules. Afterward, we can take as much time getting comfortable with one another as is needed through talking, eye contact, etc. Following, we can try for a good hug to break the barriers. Our session can consist of cuddles, holding each other, embraces, listening to music, breathing exercises, aromatherapy, and chitter chatter as you like it.Sexual or sensual activity and suggestions are not allowed. A mistaken touch in a private area happens only once. The second time, it is almost certainly intentional.  The professional cuddler will leave if these rules are disrespected. 

What if I get sexually aroused?

Arousal is one of the body’s natural responses to stimulus. Sometimes it even happens when we aren’t thinking about sex. With that said, please do not act on your arousal. We can shift positions so neither of us comes into contact with it, we can refocus our minds and simply let it pass, or we can take a short break. If no conscious effort is made to reduce or ignore the arousal, the session will have to end and the professional cuddler will leave.

What can we wear when we cuddle?

We can wear pajamas, loungewear, active wear, onesies, or comfy pants/jeans and t-shirts. Mid-thigh shorts and sleeveless shirts are permitted if the weather is hot. Both client and professional cuddler must be fully clothed in decent attire. Cuddling in underwear, boxers, swimsuits, or shirtless/without pants is not allowed. If the client or professional cuddler needs to change, it will be done in a separate room.

Is it normal to vent or cry when I cuddle?

Absolutely! Part of the reason I’m here is to help you let go of what no longer serves you, and in this case it can be stress, anxiety or emotions you feel the need to express. Whether you’re smiling, laughing or crying, you’re doing what your soul wants you to do, so please don’t feel afraid to let it out.

Do I need to talk?

Nope. You don’t have to speak or share anything with me that you don’t want to share. If you’d like to cuddle in silence that’s totally fine with me, though I will still check in periodically and ask you throughout our session if you are doing alright.

Is it considered cheating if I’m in need of a session while married or in a relationship?

In my eyes, a cuddle session with a professional should not be considered cheating, but this is a boundary/belief that will vary from relationship to relationship. You could try asking your partner or spouse how they would feel about you seeking the services of a professional cuddler. If you feel that they will not support you after much discussion of the subject, then you may find benefit in seeking a licensed relationship or marriage counsellor to mediate before you explore meeting your needs for touch with someone other than the person you are with.


Isn’t this just a cover-up for prostitution?

No. However, there are some who choose to hide behind professional cuddling in order to sell services of a sexual nature. There are also people involved in sex work or sexual lifestyles who choose to become professional cuddlers and they do not “mix” their services or boundaries. Often times those who hide the procurement of sexual services behind this movement do not run in the same circles as (nor do they represent) those who are providing this service out of a genuine desire to educate, heal, and foster trust in their communities. It is important to remember that cuddling and sex have been conflated in society, and the first step in modifying this notion is realising that sex work is a very different industry and climate than professional cuddling.

Why would someone pay for this instead of cuddling with their family, friends, an animal etc. or seeking a relationship/casual sex?
  • Not everyone has immediate access to their friends, family, or someone they can cuddle without being in a relationship first
  • A person may not have the desire or capability to care for an animal long-term
  • Not everyone wants sex in any capacity, such as an asexual person
  • Some people are also uncomfortable with the idea of casual sex, which can pose many health risks even when protection is used
  • Others may not be at the point in their life where they are ready for any kind of relationship, yet they still want to have their need for non-sexual touch met
  • A person may have been traumatised by harmful physical contact and they would like to hire a professional to help reintegrate them into a place where they can receive touch healthily again
  • Some are in touch-starved marriages or relationships, and would like to have their need for touch met in a way that doesn’t intrude on their partnership, or they would like to learn ways to reintegrate that portion of interaction back into their relationship

Humans are individual. There are a myriad of reasons someone may hire a professional cuddler. The main thing which successful clients have in common is that they are not here to fulfill a sexual need. There are many other ways and places with which to peruse in relations to seeking sex and relationships, and a professional cuddler’s services is not meant to be one of them.


How long have you been a professional cuddler and what led you to get into it?

I’ve been cuddling as a professional since November 2016 though I’d known about the concept since as early as 2012 (I thought it was bonkers at the time!). An enthusiast I met online had suggested I give it a try after we both had a wonderful and very emotional experience together. My continued motivation to be involved in platonic touch comes from surviving harrowing experiences of childhood sexual abuse, as well as inspiration from my late grandfather whom I love very dearly. He was always a cuddler, although many in our family viewed him as stern and stoic…inside he was very loving and giving and this came out in the way he spent quality time with others. Cuddling to me can inspire a very childlike state of mind where we are taken back to experience the safety and trust in a setting of physical contact, which we may or may not have experienced in actuality.

Are you certified by any training programs or certification bodies?

Not at this time, though I am looking into training with both CAPC and Cuddlist in the future. My ability to do this uncertified comes from my experiences with sexual abuse, narcissistic abuse, trauma, mental illness, loss, and isolation. I am also pursuing education beginning next year for a career in a juxtaposing field, which I think cuddling can supplement very nicely in my practise.

Would you be open to discussing your experiences with writers or the media?

Please contact me at cuddlosophy@post.com. I will speak with writers and trusted media sources, however I have no desire at this time to appear on camera. Audio broadcasts are fine.