Cuddlosophy Now Has A Couple of Social Media Options!

For those of you who were with me since the first few months of having the site online, you know I went cold turkey on social media last year. I found that it was negatively impacting my self-esteem, and taking me away from the things that mattered to me. It turns out, I felt this way because I wasn’t surrounding myself with the values and people I wanted to be surrounded with. Well, I’m back and starting fresh with a couple of things. Not entirely for me, but for you (I mostly use Facebook solely for communicating in various groups I am part of).

If you’d like to support my efforts to spread Cuddlosophy as well as gain some positivity in your feed, have a cuddly and uplifting quote sent to you daily, and CUDDLY CAT PICS (!) feel free to give Cuddlosophy a like on Facebook. If you aren’t comfortable with connecting on Facebook, feel free to follow on Twitter for the same daily doses of #love, #kindness, and #compassion which can be hard to find in the social media world. You’ll also get those instant updates about what’s going on around here. In the future, my hope is to also do some YouTube videos to help both clients and other professionals on the channel I’ve set up. I get many questions about this journey and what it’s like, and I’d really love to get up close and personal in order to share it with you. I know that YouTube was a big educator for me when I first got involved. Having shared some of my digital art on YouTube as a teen, I remember that YouTubing is a fun, creative way to connect with others!

Everything I’ve set up at the moment as far as social media goes is brand new, so your support in helping me spread awareness about this business and about the movement in general is so, so appreciated!


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