Personal: I’m Back In Calgary (Permanently!) & What’s Been Going On

Me, realising I probably won’t get another job in Calgary where I get to take care of kewt widdle animals and introduce them to their new pet parents. GOODBYE, BAPS, I’LL MISS YOU!

Well, it’s definitely been quite a whirlwind the past few months for me, but I’m glad to say that life seems to be settling down now!

Following my stepdad’s diagnosis of prostate cancer, we’re just in the stages leading up to treatment, which will be taking place here in Calgary (the biggest reason for my moving back). After about a week of visiting Medicine Hat for his doctor’s appointments, I’ve arrived back in Calgary as of June 8th and am staying with my mum for a couple of weeks. I anticipate moving to the south of the city at the end of the month, which should definitely make it easier to reach clients! My stepdad will have accomodations close to wherever I move to so that I’m able to visit everyday and go with him to chemotherapy when the time comes shortly. We’re still waiting for some results back from a biopsy as well as a bone scan to see if the cancer has spread that far, which I pray it hasn’t. Most of all, I miss my stepdad’s parrot, Merlin, and our dog Goose. Getting to go on walks with her and come home to my little furball Suzuka was akin to the best rotation of antidepressants one could ask for.

Sadly because I’m moving back to the city, I have to say goodbye to a much-loved job I’ve held back home since March, working as an animal adoption and rehoming counsellor. I wish them all the luck in the world and will be sure to visit all my cutesy cats, rabbits and pups and my beloved co-workers on my weekend trips! 😽 It was really lovely to have that experience working with excited individuals/families and pets who are having a harder time finding a furrever home. This is probably my favourite job that I’ve ever done and I’m really, really bummed that I can’t stay at my position. My time in Brooks has been so wonderful amidst the challenges I’ve been dealt this last while. I even managed to meet a new client in my small hometown and he was a really lovely, respectful gentleman and cuddle partner – thank you Kerian! I hope we manage to connect again sometime if I’m down in the area.

The first bit of good news for clients is that I’m looking at hopefully renting an apartment this time around, rather than renting in someone’s home. This was a huge obstacle in the past as far as being able to host. My hope is to provide a relaxing cuddle space either in a spare room like what I was trying to set up, or my living room. Suffice it to say, it’s really hard to find places that will accept a cat – if I didn’t have her tagging along, I might have found one already!

2019-06-14 15.26.32
Don’t worry, Suzuka, you’re not the problem. Those darned pet-hating landlords are the problem! Hiss! Oh, wait. Not allowing pets is sort of a boundary, isn’t it? My dislike for places that don’t allow pets is probably rich coming from someone who constantly preaches about boundaries. 😅

The second bit of good news is that I’ve added police and firefighters to the “veterans and military” discount listed on the Deals page – which was changed to “private” for some reason. Weird. Anyway, it’s fixed now – so if you’re in the public service, and you feel like you just need a pair of calming arms and a quiet serenity to help melt away your stress, you are entitled to do so at 50% of the regular rate (that’s $30 per hour). Also in addition to my current “Summer Slash” deal (3 hours for 20% off) I’ve got a new loyalty deal coming through where for every x amount of hours you complete, you can accrue some free hours. I figure this will be a great value for those who continuously book sessions, and I have been asked about it. Ask and you shall receive!

I also apologise to anybody who’s been trying to get a hold of me via text, or if there’s a slight delay in responding to your email. For those who aren’t aware, my phone began crapping out on me last month (after I dropped it for the 38203rd time) and I’ve not really been in a position where I can afford a brand-spanking new device with all the expenses I’ve incurred lately due to all the travel and such. Plus I can’t get it replaced by my provider since my contract has been over for 2 years now. My fault! Without a phone, my e-mail notifications aren’t coming through, so I try to check once a day if I remember to. Please be patient with me!

I hope everybody’s summer is starting off magical and that you have the opportunity to get out and make the most of it!


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